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The Problem

Every cycle the dry cast paving stone machine exerts extreme levels of vibration on the mold and the machine components.Very precise fit between tamper shoe and mold cavity is required to ensure proper product quality. This leads to minor misalignment on every cycle.

Other problems which indicate you have an alignment issue include uneven wear in mold cavities, chipping and tamper shoes, longer cycle times and greater stresses on the machine itself.

The Solution

RAMPF Flexway was created to ensure proper alignment of the mold tamperhead with the mold bottom every cycle. Flexway offers the following advantages:

  • Longer mold cycle life
  • Protection against wear of mold and machine
  • Reduced waste product
  • Finer, more closed surface of final product

How Does Flexway Work?

Slip technology system, near the end of every cycle the tamperhead is allowed to float laterally in the mold bottom. At the end of the cycle the tamperhead is held exactly in place where the mold bottom finishes the cycle before removing the tamperhead from the mold bottom. This ensures perfect alignment for the following cycle. Large rubber brushes are used as the connection system between the floating portion of the tamperhead and the portion of the tamperhead attached to the machine. This animated movie provides a complete overview of how the system works.


RAMPF Molds America is a member of the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute and the National Concrete Masonry Association.



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RAMPF MOLDS America is a member of the RAMPF Group, with the headquarters in Germany at RAMPF Formen GmbH. Visit http://www.rampf.com for more details.