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Wasa Quality

With us, everyone gets what they need; the right board for their application. That's why we carry plastic, wood and a combination of both in our product range. We finish every board according to our customer's specifications. Quality materials are the key to production board durability and optimal performance of concrete products throughout their service life. We're proud of our conscientious quality management and that every board that leaves our facility is carefully inspected. Unfit materials are rejected before they ever reach the production area; this is WASA quality you can count on.



The best technology on the market today: the Uniplast® Ultra.

Constant improvements to WASA Uniplast® boards have resulted in new performance levels. New microfibers in a homogeneous, solid plastic provide even greater stability without any reinforcing profiles, and reduced board thickness.

Demonstrably high and uniform vibration transmission ensures faster and better compression. Designed for short cycle times under the most demanding conditions, WASA Uniplast® Ultra boards boast the highest performance ratings WASA has ever offered.



  • Homogeneous, solid material
  • Continuous reinforcement with microfiber
  • Enhanced load-bearing capacity and extremely high strength
  • Unlimited Durability



Many years ago, we began seeking an alternative to commonly used wooden boards, and found it in solid plastic. As an outcome of continual improvements and achievements speaking for themselves, WASA Uniplast® boards have proven themselves with over 1,700,000 units in service today; that has made us the world's largest manufacturer of boards.

All boards from our Uniplast® family are resistant to fatigue and corrosion. Even in case of production-related damage to the surface, no moisture is able to enter the solid material. Other types of board exhibit significant drawbacks and performance fluctuations.



  • Homogeneous, solid material
  • Completely flat, jointless surface
  • Extremely durable
  • Constant and optimized vibration transmission over the products entire life cycle





WASA WOODPLAST® combines our unique knowledge in the manufacture of boards with the production of tough polyurethane moulds for the wetcast industry.


WASA WOODPLAST® is a technically perfected yet economic symbiosis of the superb, high-performance WASA UNIPLAST® ULTRA and inexpensive softwood boards. This new addition to our range makes it possible for us to offer every customer production boards which are perfectly adjusted to their needs.


The board, whether with a softwood or hardwood core and a highly impact resistant and break-proof polyurethane coating, is characterised by its high rigidity in the face of bending forces. The other attributes of WASA WOODPLAST® also make the design comparable to hardwood boards – although without the problems commonly associated with them, such as resin seepage, swelling or shrinkage tears.

WASA WOODPLAST® boards have inlaid, fully galvanised C-shaped steel profiles on the front. They not only lend the boards greater stability but also offer protection from mechanical forces acting from the sides, such as those that occur when boards are unclamped from board magazines



  • Extremely impact-resistant, break-proof and rigid in the face of bending forces
  • Optionally available with softwood or hardwood core
  • Fully enclosed plastic surface with no joints
  • Fully galvanised C-shaped profiles provide protection in board magazines
  • Low weight



Depending on the production facility, concrete block production and specialization of the concrete block works, different production boards can be useful. When it comes to wooden boards, we're able to supply our customers the right board in optimum quality. We finish boards according to our customers' specifications. Here too, quality materials are the key to manufacturing quality concrete products.

Every plank of our WASA Hardwood boards is made of pure, uniform hardwood. This is the only means of ensuring that the concrete blocks can be compacted evenly over the entire surface of the board, thereby avoiding fluctuations in concrete block quality. Thick C-profiles and 10-mm steel bars with self-locking nuts provide even more stability.

Hardwood boards offer material-based advantages and disadvantages that each production operation should be considered carefully. For the same block load, the quality of the hardwood permits the use of thinner boards than ones made of softwood. But due to their reddish wood sugar and the risk of color transfer to the concrete products, hardwood boards are unsuitable for use with intensive washing processes. For such types of application, boards made of soft wood or our solid plastic board WASA Uniplast® Ultra represent a better alternative.



  • Single planks with tongue and groove joints as well as 10-mm steel bars with self-locking nuts
  • 1.5 to 3-mm C-profiles, riveted
  • End-to-end planing

Wood Types

  • Yellow Balau / Bangkirai
  • Azobé / Bongossi



In the production of WASA SOFTWOOD boards, precision is one of our top priorities. Based on our many years of experience in the industry, we have chosen to use planks with multiple tongue-and-groove joints which have been hydraulically compressed under high horizontal pressure.

Another key quality factor is the special glue we use in our bonding process, which prevents the planks from separating over the long term, only this combination can ensure seamless surfaces. Other interlocking techniques are unable to achieve such a solid bond, as the glue that has been applied is squeezed out of the grooves when the planks are joined.

As with our hardwood boards, our softwood boards also rely on strong C-profiles and steel bars with self-locking nuts, which ensure even greater stability and longer service life. Final impregnation of the boards provides reliable protection against decay. WASA's excellent quality enables you to produce cost-effective concrete products with wooden boards.



  • Single planks with tongue and groove jointsas well as 8 to 10-mm steel bars with self-locking nuts
  • 2 to 3-mm C-profiles, riveted
  • Ground from end-to-end and impregnated

Wood Types

  • European Spruce
  • Fir
  • Pine



    Application of epoxy


    Plastic Production boards have been in service in the Americas for more than 10 years. Have yours become worn and damaged? WASA offers a two part epoxy compound to fill nicks and scratches on your boards. Send us an e-mail for price quotation.

    If your entire inventory of boards is in need of repair, consider RAMPF-WASA’s on-site regrinding service. We offer a mobile service where two container loads of equipment are shipped to your site. Your fork truck operators will supply our technician with a constant stream of boards for repair of your entire inventory. This can be accomplished in a couple of weeks without ever leaving your site. The boards are ready for service again with a few millimeters removed from both sides. Contact your RAMPF representative to see if this service is right for you.


    Contact Rampf today for more information about WASA Pallets or to request a quote.


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